Walt & Gloria Fogler-Mancini’s photography


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Walt has been a photojournalist for many years and works for the San Gabriel News Group using the name Walt Mancini.  Gloria started taking pictures before she met Walt.   Since retiring from teaching in 2005, she has had time to work on photos, doing webpages, slide shows and personal exhibits.  Most of these pictures were taken with Leica cameras    We can be contacted at fogler.mancini@sbcglobal.net

Our first web pages were from our trip to China in 2006.   We took a group tour and saw many important sights and covered lots of miles.

The next set of pages showed the different aspects of Southwest France in the spring of 2007:   the cities, countryside, its  villages and churches.

Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Toronto can be seen in the pictures from our trip to Canada in the fall of 2007.

In January of 2009, we took a trip to Mexico and spent time in the “silver” cities of the central plateau as well as Mexico City.  

We brought back pictures of out-of-the-way places from our trip to southwestern Canada and the northwestern United States in June 2008.

We went to Turkey to learn more about the Greek, Roman and Byzantine cultures.   We also learned a little about how the people there are now.

In the fall of 2010, we traveled to Naples and around the boot, the southern part of Italy.  It’s an area that few people know much about, even though they may wish to learn.

We went to places that were new to us and places that we had seen before in 2011.  We saw incredible mountains and spectacular architecture in northern Italy and the Burgundy region of France.

In February 2012, we went to different places in Mexico:  primarily Puebla and Oaxaca.  Driving, we saw a lot of the country, east and west.

Sunny Portugal was our destination in the fall of 2012.  Knowing it is a small country whose power and glory are gone, now we enjoy it as a very friendly and relaxed place.

Our winter travel took us to Guatemala in 2013.  Both the ancient Mayan monuments and current Maya culture were amazing.  Traveling there was made easy by  having professional help.

We found a great number of places of interest in Northeast Italy.  Going to see the Dolomites was one of our primary goals.   We enjoyed revisiting Venice and learning about the whole area and its mixed history. 

Northeast Italy - 2013 http://fogler-mancini-photos.com/Northeast_Italy_2013/Venice.html
Guatemala - 2013http://fogler-mancini-photos.com/Guatemala_2013/Ancient_Maya.html
Portugal - 2012
Mexico - Puebla & Oaxaca - 2012http://fogler-mancini-photos.com/Mexico_2012/Puebla.html
Northern Italy & Burgundy, France - 2011
Naples & Southern Italy - 2010http://fogler-mancini-photos.com/Naples_&_Southern_Italy_2010/Naples.html
Turkey - 2009
Mexico - Mexico City and the Silver Cities - 2009http://fogler-mancini-photos.com/Mexico_2009/Old_Mexico.html
Southwest France - 2007http://fogler-mancini-photos.com/Southwest_France_2007/Cities.html
Northeast Canada - 2007
China - 2006http://fogler-mancini-photos.com/China_2006/Beijing.html
SW Canada & NW United States - 2008
France - 2014http://fogler-mancini-photos.com/France_2014/Marseille_%281%29.html

This trip was like three small vacations.  We first went to Marseille, then flew to Corsica and ended up in the Loire Valley for rest and relaxation.   All are beautiful, but different.

Mexico - 2015http://fogler-mancini-photos.com/Mexico_2015/Queretaro.html

On this short vacation, we divided our time between Querétaro and Mexico City.   We enjoyed the architecture and four UNESCO sites we visited.