Mexico City and the High Central Plateau, January 2009


Photos by Walt & Gloria Fogler-Mancini


Outside the city’s center, Guadalajara is developing rapidly with modern architecture such as this hotel.

The photographs were taken with Leica digital cameras, an M8, D-LUX 2 and the R9 with a digital back.  All images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission.  Our other webpages may be accessed through       

June 25, 2009                                                                                                               wgfm

Guadalajara, with a population of over four million, is second only to Mexico City.  Founded in 1542, it is now Mexico’s “silicon valley” and is rated as having the second highest potential for economic development in North America.  The Catedral Metroplitana dominates the downtown area and the Plaza de Armas with its French art nouveau bandstand. 

With its vast plazas, boulevards  and promenades, Guadalajara is known as the Pearl of the West.  Its plazas are filled with fountains and sculpture.  Ancient and modern themes are intermingled.

Murals by José Clemente Orozco are found throughout the building. Over the main staircase, the Lucha Social (social struggle) pictures Hidalgo with a flaming torch.

The Palacio de Gobierno is the seat of the Jalisco state government.  Miguel Hidalgo proclaimed the abolition of slavery here in 1810.

The large Mercado Libertad is also downtown and everything is sold there:  silk flowers, boots, medicines and produce.