Turkey, September 2009

Streets & Bazaars in Istanbul

Photos by Walt & Gloria Fogler-Mancini


Bits and pieces of Roman Constantinople can be seen on the streets.  Going clockwise:  Theodosian Walls from the 5th century, Thutmosis III’s Egyptian obelisk from the Hippodrome, remnants of the Triumphal Arch of Theodosius, and part of the aqueduct of Valens.  Given the political and natural history of the area, it is understandable that little remains to be seen today.

The Grand Bazaar was founded in 1461 by Sultan Mehmet II to trade silk, spices and gold in the heart of his empire.  Access is controlled through 22 gates that can lock the area up.

A sultan remarked that “God loves tradesmen”.

The backstreets of Old Istanbul are very interesting if not beautiful.

Open markets attract throngs of people and everything is for sale. Women dress in many different ways.  Men appear to take more public roles such as running the shops. 

North, across the Golden Horn from the old city, is Galata.  It has long been the home of foreigners.  The Venetians had factories there in the 12th century.  Later the Genoese were given the right to the area because they helped the Byzantines defeat the Crusaders.  Now, its Istikial Caddesi is a fashionable, pedestrianized street.  While its architecture is more European, it still feels quite down-to-earth.

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